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To help bodyshops increase productivity and profitability, Cromax® has introduced Cromax Pro Surfacer – a next generation surfacer based on cutting edge technology. Part of the ValueShade® concept, it comes in three different shades – PS1061 (white) / PS1064 (grey) / PS1067 (black) – and has been formulated for optimal quality and maximum productivity.

Kevin Welling, Training Academy Manager for Axalta Coating Systems in the UK and Ireland, said: “The new Cromax Pro Surfacer has been designed for exceptional adhesion between the substrate and the basecoat. It is easy and economical to apply, is very robust when used with IR and gives the paint layer a mirror-smooth finish. As part of the next generation of innovative technology from Cromax, this new surfacer offers professional bodyshops the speed and flexibility to improve their productivity.”

The new Cromax Pro Surfacer is VOC-compliant and is based on highly-reactive hydroxy-functional acrylics and polyesters and can be used as a non-sanding surfacer with the addition of the non-sanding converter AZ9032. It can also be used with existing Cromax thinners and activators and with the Cromax High Performance Activators AR7305 and AR7306 for extra durability.

Cromax Pro Surfacer is ideal for spot, panel and over-all repairs on a wide variety of substrates. Its high solids content provides high film build and low product usage. It demonstrates excellent sag resistance, has a wide application window and reduced baking times.

The three shades, PS1061 (white), PS1064 (grey) and PS1067 (black), can be mixed, in differing ratios, to achieve all seven shades of grey in the ValueShade technology.

The new Cromax Pro Surfacer can be used with Cromax basecoat as well as other Cromax topcoats.


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As a leader within the Refinish industry, PPG Refinish is capitalising on the popularity of online videos by launching a dedicated digital TV channel to interact and share information with customers.

With the goal of making it easier to access all of the brand’s videos and supporting materials, PPG TV brings everything together in one place.

Customers can view both technical and commercial videos as well as audio-visual content about products, services and application processes.

Each video featured on PPG TV will have a dedicated page where customers will find related videos and relevant documents available for download.

Customers can personalise their PPG TV experience by selecting their local language from a drop-down menu. They can also tailor the way they look for content by ordering videos on the list by name or date, filtering search results by video type or using the search box to find a specific video. With only one click, users can share useful videos on social media or save them to favourites.

Accessed via the brand’s website, the new TV channel can also be viewed on mobile devices, making it easy for customers to watch videos on the move.

Discover PPG TV today at


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Established: May 9 2008

Contact: Dale Neish, Managing Director

Based: Loanhead, Edinburgh

Staff: 11

Oven: Spartan Booth (Todd Engineering)

Paint: Nexa Autocolour Plus (A-Grade water based paint)

Repair Bays: Two-post ramp and 11 bays

Throughput: 10-20 cars per week

Approvals: Pending for Fiat, Fiat Professional, Chrysler, Jeep, Alfa Romeo and Abarth.


Based in Loanhead, Edinburgh, Edgefield Coachworks is an award-winning body repair centre which has been operating since May 2008.

The priority of Edgefield has always been on the quality of the work we do over the quantity, which has positioned the bodyshop as one of Edinburgh’s leading Insurance Approved Accident Repair Centres. The company has the necessary facilities to repair any make and model of car up to 7.5 tonnes including tyres, exhausts, brakes, suspension, servicing, clutches, air con and vehicle geometric checks.


The company’s services include:

  • All accident repair work from minor bumps to major collision damage
  • All paint work from single panels to full resprays
  • Plastic repair technology
  • Alloy refurbishment
  • Laser wheel geometric check (wheel alignment)
  • All signage/decal work
  • Aluminium (and steel) miracle pull technology
  • Custom bodywork and resprays available on request
  • Vehicle compatibility for disabled drivers (coming soon)
  • High tech oven, Symach paint drying system and paint shop
  • Primarily Nexa Autocolour Plus (A-Grade water based paint as to comply with environmental legislation)
  • PPG delfleet 2-pac commercial paint option (solvent based)
  • Computerised paint mixing system
  • Waste management structure
  • Restorations
  • Car-o-liner Jig for chassis repairs


Coachbuilding has been at the centre of the Neish family for three generations. It was Andrew Neish, the Father of Dale Neish, who established the company. It was after learning the ropes of the industry for many years, Mr. Neish decided to start his own business. Importantly, he had instilled the mantra of doing a good job, rather than lots of jobs – a focus primarily on quality rather than quantity which is still adhered to today. Our customers soon realise that we go against the grain and are a garage the public can trust.

Following the passing of Mr. Neish in 2014, the company is still a family business run by Dale, his sister (Abby Neish) and valued accountant. Andrew ensured Dale and Abby were involved with running of the garage from a very young age.


The team

At Edgefield, we recognise that our staff are at the heart of the company and vital to its survival. All of the team have enjoyed many years’ experience in the industry, the majority of whom have been part of Edgefield Coachworks since it was founded in 2008. Dale Neish commented: “The team consists of a part-time and full time estimator, two admin staff, two painters, two panel beaters and an accountant. Our Manager, Gary Muir, has been working with us since the very beginning – he actually started with us as a painter and it was my Dad who trained him on the admin side as well. We are very much a company where everyone helps and trains each other; it is a simple but important part of our code of conduct. In addition, we are in constant contact with local colleagues who help fund our apprentice to ensure the future of the company, and industry, is secure. We currently only employ one apprentice but are aiming to hire, and train, at least one more within the next year.

“One of our aims of the business is to retain our staff for as long as possible – when they help us, we help them. I always make sure all our team are as happy as possible. I would say it is quite a unique place to work as we do not enforce strict timescales for jobs like a lot of bodyshops do; our staff members know what needs done for each job, and as long as the work is completed to our standards, it is a pretty relaxed atmosphere overall. This is all in place to ensure the work is done right first time – it’s a good system and it works for everyone.

“In the future, if demand continues to grow as it has done, we have the staffing to be able to run a simultaneous nightshift which is something we have been considering to start in the near future.


Our work

“We mainly cover the Edinburgh area but our scope can reach a 30-mile radius from the garage stretching from North Berwick at one side to Falkirk on the other. However, we have customers who travel from further afield including several who come up from England and one loyal customer who travels, via ferry, annually to us for all necessary vehicle work from the Isle of Arran. If anyone has had to deal with us once, they come back to us in the future.”

Insurance work makes up around 75% of Edgefield Coachworks’ typical workload, as Dale Neish explained: “Our insurance work is primarily through a company called WNS. Each year, they hold award nights to recognise the best repairers within their group network. A few years back, we won 2nd place out of all the repairers, but because we were the only Scottish recipient to have receive that prize, I maintain our position as being one of the leading garages in the country in terms of the quality we maintain on each and every job. The award definitely reflects our expertise.”

The team has also completed many jobs in the past for the Classic Car Club as well as restoration work. The standard of excellence that has been passed down through the generations also means that Edgefield often do specialist work on a vast number of supercars, primarily the Maserati community. The fleet of courtesy cars are available to ensure the smoothest possible transition for clients with free collection/delivery.



“If work leaves our premises with Edgefield’s name on it, then it needs to be repaired and finished to the best standard possible. We have had instances where customers have brought in cars with a scratches bumper and just want it touched up. We wouldn’t do this, jobs are done right or not at all. We are proud of our work and it speaks for itself, word of mouth is a very powerful advertising tool.


Paints, oven and equipment

“Our Spartan oven and Symach paint drying system are top of the range. Our paint mixing room was supplied by the same manufacturer of the oven, Todd Engineering. These products and equipment are crucial in maintaining the consistency of the high-quality repairs to vehicles. We simply could not operate without these various elements coming together and working in the way they do – the know-how and skills of our staff would ultimately be wasted if our systems weren’t up to scratch,” concluded Dale Neish.


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