Third generation high performance paint is big plus for repairers

Third generation high performance paint is big plus for repairers

AWX Performance Plus imageThe new AWX Performance Plus™ waterborne basecoat from Sherwin-Williams is being launched this month, providing repairers with a compliant refinish paint system that has more advanced blending and colour matching properties, faster flash and drying times and easy application to produce more consistent coverage for less work.

The new product formulation has superior lay down and flashes off even faster, and can be sanded as soon as it has flashed to a matt finish. It requires fewer coats to achieve better opacity. Drying takes just three to five minutes with a Venturi. This makes AWX Performance Plus ideal for large volume bodyshops specialising in high quality car refinish repair.

The paint system is introducing two new basecoat reducers in response to different humidity conditions in the booth. The mixing ratio of AWX Performance Plus Standard Repair Basecoat Reducer 455.0020 and Large Repair Basecoat Reducer 455.0030 will be based on the size of the repair and the airflow in the booth.

Doug Slicker, Market Manager UK & Ireland, says: “We’ve listened to market feedback and have introduced smaller half litre size tins for AWX Performance Plus, and have improved the consistency and jetness of the black colour.  We’re confident repairers will be impressed with the product’s lay down and performance to achieve a better, smoother, more consistent finish.”

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