Road accident claims hit a new high

Road accident claims hit a new high

Kindertons photoMotor accidents are made less stressful with launch of new online claims handling service using iPhone app and the web.

Kindertons Accident Management based in Cheshire, is launching a new, enhanced accident claims service featuring an advanced iPhone app and web portal that support instant submission of claims and documentation, and then keep clients up to date on how their claim is progressing, reducing stress for the innocent victims of road accidents. The enhanced service went live on March 4.

In a sector traditionally notorious for its “no win no fee” ambulance-chasing, and for taking an impersonal approach to accident victims, Kindertons, by contrast, offers a service that is human, helpful and efficient. It takes care of the whole claims process on the client’s behalf, informing their insurance company, liaising with vehicle repairers and delivering a replacement vehicle straight away, to minimise unwanted interruption to the innocent victim’s life.

With the new iPhone app, clients can track the progress of their claim simply, at any time, even if they’re not at a computer. They can even do all this from the incident scene itself, within minutes of an accident happening, directly submitting photos of the damage and road scene (and any admissions of liability by the other party). Kindertons believes that, at present, no other motoring accident management company provides a similar service to their clients.

When a new claim is submitted online, a member of the Kindertons team contacts the client as soon as possible. Then, thanks to the user-friendly web portal, clients can see exactly what information they may still need to provide and can view a handy timeline which shows the current claim status and how long it will take to complete.

The web portal also keeps Kindertons’ suppliers – such as insurance brokers, body shops and solicitors – updated about the status of claims in which they are involved.

Says Michael Scott, Creative Media Manager of Kindertons: “Being the innocent victim of a road traffic accident can be a traumatic process at the best of times, especially if it involves dealing with a faceless call centre manned by uncaring, uninformative staff!

“We aim to make life easier and friendlier, breaking down barriers and demystifying the motor claim settlement process. Our app and portal represent a major step forward in keeping clients and suppliers well-informed at all times. As a result, the claims process becomes quicker and smoother for everyone concerned.”

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