New top-of-the-range VERUS Wireless hand-held diagnostic tool from Snap-on

New top-of-the-range VERUS Wireless hand-held diagnostic tool from Snap-on

Snap-on photoSnap-on tool storage and workshop equipment for the automotive Aftermarket, have announced the introduction of a new wireless version of VERUS, its top-of-the-range hand-held diagnostic tool for the modern workshop technician.

VERUS Wireless is the latest addition to Snap-on’s best selling ‘family’ of hand-held diagnostic tools, designed to offer a complete diagnostic solution to any UK garage or bodyshop. These begin with the entry level ETHOS, the recently introduced mid-range SOLUS ULTRA plus the alternative top-of-the-range MODIS diagnostic platform. The extremely advanced capabilities of VERUS Wireless have been created to ensure that the Snap-on ‘family’ continues to offer a diagnostic tool to suit every possible technician need.

VERUS Wireless itself is an extremely fast, powerful and totally portable hand-held diagnostic tool. It has a generous 10.4” touch-screen to allow simplified one-touch navigation. It provides all the information sources the technician can need – at your fingertips in one tool – giving access to scanner, components test metre, scope readings and car-fix information all at the touch of a button.

It has been specifically designed to allow the technician to manage the complete job from start to finish. With true Microsoft Windows multi-tasking, Wi-Fi and an internet browser, the mechanic now does not have to leave the service bay to use his or her repair information system, access technical forums, OEM websites, online parts suppliers, or favourite web resources. The Bluetooth scanner gives the technician the freedom to view live readings while moving freely around the vehicle and the Fast-Track trouble-shooter, guided component tests and 4-channel lab/ignition scope puts more solutions at the technician’s fingertips.

Repair data is fully integrated so that while the technician is viewing a particular vehicle on screen, it is possible for him or her to access repair information for that vehicle instantly. The Windows-based scanner allows the technician to install his or her own Windows applications. Because it is built for life in the service bay VERUS Wireless is particularly durable and allows customisation for technicians to develop their own suite of information and view multiple Windows applications side-by-side.

VERUS Wireless software updates – as with all the Snap-on ‘family’ – are delivered in a matter of minutes direct from the Snap-on franchisee van via ScanBay, the unique and simple delivery method introduced four years ago. This keeps VERUS Wireless at the leading edge of the very fast-moving diagnostics market without the need for cartridges or other physical updates.

“Diagnostics is the fastest-moving and most complex area of the automotive Aftermarket,” says Mark Ost, UK Sales Director of Snap-on Diagnostics, “so through our Snap-on ‘family’ we want to ensure that all of our customers have access to the world’s most sophisticated hand-held diagnostic equipment. We have been delighted with the UK trade response to our original VERUS and I am pleased to say that sales have been even stronger than we had originally projected. All our initial feedback pointed to the trade requirement for a wireless version and this demand has now been fully satisfied.”

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