Lifting the bar

Lifting the bar

Farécla’s new G3 Pro Clay Bar is part of the technically advanced G3 Pro range and designed to complement the four-step G3 advanced paint renovation system.

The G3 system means an end to the enemies of vehicle paint work and gives you the power to get professional results at home without the need for professional skills.

The G3 Clay Bar has been carefully developed to deep clean bodywork, removing particles and impurities that a usual shampoo wash can’t. Leaving your paintwork in prime preparation for further paint renovation, it removes ingrained dirt, road tar, tree sap, bird lime and industrial fallout, all of which can break down the paint surface if left untreated.

G3’s innovative Clay Bar passed Farécla’s ‘feel the difference’ test with flying colours, where performance is judged by touch as well as sight. A non-abrasive soft block, Clay Bar gently bonds to microscopic dirt particles. It pulls impurities away from the bodywork, preserving the paintwork and leaving a clean, smooth surface, ready for waxing or further paint renovation. Clay Bar is also a winner on alloy wheels, removing ingrained brake dust with ease.

G3’s unique Pro Clay Bar HolderTM makes it easy to apply and prevents the bar slipping out of the hand. A sturdy protective box prevents the clay from drying out and keeps it perfectly primed for future use.

To achieve the best possible results with the G3 Clay Bar, Farécla recommends car enthusiasts use it with the new G3 Pro Turbo Detailer. G3 Turbo Detailer provides the essential lubrication necessary, allowing the Clay Bar to glide smoothly over bodywork, removing ingrained dirt and contaminants.

At only £14.99 the 100g G3 Clay Bar comes with the unique Pro Clay Bar Holder and a protective box. The entire range of Farecla’s G3 Pro products is available from all Halfords stores.

With over 50 years experience in developing some of the most effective and technologically advanced surface finishing products available, Farécla’s G3 has long been the professionals’ number one product of choice and used in bodyshops throughout the country.