DuPont Refinish updates Lifetime Warranty to increase bodyshop benefits

DuPont Refinish updates Lifetime Warranty to increase bodyshop benefits

DuPont Refinish has launched a revamp of its Lifetime Warranty programme, offering a new visual identity and increased benefits to member bodyshops. Any bodyshop that offers Lifetime Warranty is the obvious choice for vehicle owners as well as for fleet, lease and insurance companies; they all want a paint repair handled – and guaranteed – to the highest possible repair standards.

Already compulsory for Five Star bodyshops, Lifetime Warranty is the guarantee of repair quality and professional standards. The guarantee is valid for the life of the vehicle and gives vehicle owners the confidence that the paint repair is of a high quality and is durable, backed by proven, cutting edge DuPont Refinish products and application techniques.

Lindsey Swaine, brand marketing co-ordinator, DuPont Refinish UK and Ireland, says: “We introduced Lifetime Warranty because we are so confident that when our paint systems are applied correctly, the paint repairs will last as long as the car does. We have updated the programme and thanks to a new customer feedback website, we’ve increased the benefits for the bodyshops who carry out paint repairs under the Lifetime Warranty scheme.”

As part of the revised programme, DuPont Refinish has developed a website specifically designed to capture all vehicle owners’ feedback. The Customer Satisfaction Index site will allow them to leave comments quickly and easily about any part of the repair process, from the reception they received at the bodyshop to the repair itself. This evaluation will be invaluable to bodyshops who will receive monthly feedback reports to see how they performed. It will also mean that any issues will be flagged up quickly and bodyshops can address them swiftly and decisively, ensuring good customer retention and better visibility within fleet, lease and insurance networks.

Each repair will have its own Unique Repair Code, so feedback can be matched to the repair to which it relates, and bodyshops can follow up with the vehicle owners, helping to build strong relationships. The codes will also appear on all invoices relating to the paint repair, making the administration of the repair smooth and seamless.

In addition to these amendments to the Lifetime Warranty programme, DuPont Refinish has also updated the scheme’s entire visual identity, including a new logo and tagline: Lifetime Warranty – Your quality assurance. The new distinct design, which tips its hat at the “lifetime” concept through the use of the infinity symbol, ensures bodyshops offering Lifetime Warranty have the highest possible visibility within their marketplace.

Swaine adds, “Lifetime Warranty is one of the cornerstones of the DuPont Refinish offering. It was time for a new look and feel to go with the updated programme content. We are certain that the visual identity, coupled with the revitalised content and simplicity of the programme, means Lifetime Warranty will continue to be a driving factor in the industry.”

Lifetime Warranty promotional material available to bodyshops includes: bodyshop certification; external bodyshop signage to allow customers to see the guarantee at a glance; a bodyshop user-manual which includes the marketing concept and frequently asked questions; and a new Lifetime Warranty repair leaflet which includes the details of the repair process, the warranty details, the repair certificate and the Unique Repair Code, all in one handy fold-out. Lastly, bodyshop owners will be able to give customers a specially designed Lifetime Warranty key ring to remind them of the guarantee they have on their paintwork.

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