Bosch apprenticeships – from R&D to race cars

Bosch apprenticeships – from R&D to race cars

Bosh Service logoBosch, the global supplier of technology and services, is supporting National Apprenticeship Week and highlighting the range of engineering-related roles available to its apprentices in the UK.

Apprentices at Bosch are placed in a diverse range of roles, from R&D and production engineering apprentices within its Bosch Rexroth division, to an apprentice from the UK supporting Audi’s winning team at the famous 24-hour Le Mans endurance race, working for Bosch Engineering Group.

The largest number of Bosch UK apprentices work within its heating and hot water division, Worcester Bosch, which also opened a £1.5 million training and assessment centre in 2011.

Peter Fouquet, President of Bosch UK, said: “Apprentices play a vital role in providing essential skills and training to the UK workforce. Apprentices at Bosch enjoy a wide range of work, from design and development to client management, as well as many mechanical, electrical, production and quality engineering roles.

“Engineering apprentices in particular are important for us, not only because our main business areas demand engineering skills, but also because engineering can help stimulate economic growth.”

Research by the Centre for Economics and Business Research (Cebr) published today for the National Apprenticeship Service shows that Apprenticeship completions over the next decade are forecast to contribute ú3.4 billion a year to the economy through productivity gains by 2022, with gains of £414 per week from former apprentices in the engineering and manufacturing sectors.

At Bosch, apprentices are highly valued and they often go on to take up senior management positions within the organisation. Within Bosch, four out of ten members of the Board of Management started their careers as apprentices or trainees.

Bosch employs more than 6500 apprentices around the world and in the UK has apprentices working across the country, including at Denham, near Uxbridge (Bosch head office and home to Bosch Automotive in the UK), Worcester (Worcester, Bosch Group), Glenrothes and St. Neots (Bosch Rexroth), Knowsley, Liverpool (Bosch Packaging Technology) and in Nuneaton (Bosch Engineering Group).

Bosch apprenticeships are two to four years long. Bosch recruits its apprentices for its sites through advertisements in local media and also the career page of the Bosch website, as well as outreach to local schools and colleges. Bosch is looking to recruit up to 50 new apprentices for its sites across the UK in 2013.

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