A new dimension

A new dimension

Spies Hecker has launched a totally new waterborne basecoat system – Permahyd Hi-TEC 480 will set new standards in refinishing.

Spies Hecker’s new Permahyd Hi-TEC waterborne basecoat is making vehicle refinishing easier and boosting workshop efficiency. The outstanding properties of the new system are its extra ease of application, excellent colour reproducibility and simple blending-in.

At the heart of the Permahyd Hi-TEC waterborne paint system is an innovative hybrid technology that combines the positive characteristics of different resin technologies.

A newly developed pigment ensures uniform film formation and effect as well as extremely good hiding power. This means the system is perfectly geared to the growing diversity of colours and effects on the automotive production line. This is what Permahyd Hi-TEC stands for.

“The refinisher benefits particularly from the reliability offered by this new system,” says Daniel Hartland, Spies Hecker UK Brand Marketing Coordinator. “Its five key advantages, the ‘Hi Five’, make the new waterborne basecoat attractive for any bodyshop.”