Beat the Hosepipe ban with G-3 Ceramic Dryclean

Beat the Hosepipe ban with G-3 Ceramic Dryclean

G-3 Ceramic Dryclean photoWith the latest hosepipe bans in place, Paintseal Europe Ltd have come up with an amazing and practical solution; G-3 Ceramic ‘Drywash’, a waterless car wash system.

Washing your car with a hosepipe can use more than 180 litres per wash. Washing your car with a bucket and sponge can use over 10 litres. A 500ml bottle of G-3 Ceramic Drywash saves approximately 1000 litres of water. It also leaves the surfaces of a vehicle looking stunning.

Each 500ml bottle should be able to achieve approximately six or ten vehicle cleans (depending on size of the vehicle).

G-3 Ceramic uses a unique bi-polar platform and delivery system which creates areas of high slip, outstanding hydrophobic action, and also aids anti-scratching. No surfactants (detergents) are washed into the storm drains or rivers, making the product environmentally friendly.

Rob Collins, a PSE Director commented: “We are very conscious of the effect modern cleaning products have on our environment. Our latest product, G-3 Ceramic Drywash helps to protect our environment in a number of ways and is also very useful with the hosepipe bans in place. The stunning appearance for vehicles cleaned with the product is obviously a massive additional bonus.”

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