The UK’s top ten most popular YouTube Auto video ads in 2012

The UK’s top ten most popular YouTube Auto video ads in 2012

YouTube has released a list of the UK’s top ten most popular automotive video ads of the year. These are the automotive ads which were uploaded to YouTube at some point in 2012 and achieved the largest number of views from people in the UK. Ranked in order of UK popularity, they are:

  1. Honda Civic – ‘Spark’ HD TV ad
  2. Peugeot – Let your body Drive: Nonstop to Rudimental ft. John Newman – Feel The Love
  3. BMW – BMW presents David Weir in Man and Machine – 60 sec trailer.
  4. Autotrader – The One (Close-up) – Auto Trader advert
  5. The New Kia Sportage TV Advert | Kia Sportage 2012 Advert
  6. The New Kia Optima TV Advert | Kia Optima 2012 Advert
  7. Jaguar UK – Jaguar’s all-new sports car: the F-TYPE
  8. The New Kia cee’d TV Advert | Kia cee’d
  9. Nissan Juke UK Advert – Built To Thrill – Official
  10. Mercedes – David Coulthard catches 178mph golf ball in Mercedes-Benz SLS

Colin Burcher, Automotive Industry Head at Google, said “2012 has been another great year for online video advertising in the automotive sector. A wide variety of automotive brands are engaging with audiences via online video and recognising the important role that YouTube plays delivering both mass reach and targeting in-market car buyers.

Automotive advertisements do really well on YouTube as they tap into both the general public as well as groups of enthusiasts. Brands are increasingly taking advantage of these fan bases and the social nature of online video by creating ads that are likely to be shared, liked and commented on.

We are now seeing Automotive brands building out their online video strategies and developing a wide range of video content including: TV adverts, product videos, aftersales guides and original content specifically for YouTube.”

With over 72 hours of video uploaded every minute onto YouTube, advertisers need to be sure their ads stand out. Here are a few tips and tricks for advertisers of all sizes to take advantage of YouTube:


  1. Tell a story — The best way to get your message across is to get the audience interested. Adding a narrative to your advertising can capture the attention of your audience.
  2. Engage the Community — Be part of the conversation. Enable comments on the channel and videos and engage users through platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Google+.
  3. Create original content –Create the type of content that has proven to be successful online — think humorous, extreme tricks, short-form series.
  4. Promote your videos — TrueView ads and YouTube masthead promotion can be an effective way to start getting views.
  5. Be Clear and concise — Have a clear and accurate title, meaningful description, and good keyword tags so the audience can find you through search.
  6. Make it interactive — One of the best things about the web is that often viewers aren’t just passively watching the content but can participate in it, combining the best of technology and creativity.